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The solution to the Beale ciphers has been sought by thousands over the past 130+ years, and the empty potholes around the Bedford, Virginia hillsides speak loudly to the futility of their solution theories.  Even brilliant, analytic minds have conceded failure.  As a result, many have taken the easy route and embraced a hoax theory.  However, I can state from personal experience that The Beale Papers are not a hoax. 
There are some who claim to have solved the ciphers, but cannot produce evidence of the treasure. There are also some who claim to have found the treasure (or an empty vault), but cannot explain how the ciphers were solved. So, until someone can produce both the treasure (or objective evidence of an empty vault) and explain specifically how the solution is achieved, these claims cannot be substantiated.  I will soon be able to meet those criteria.
The purpose of this website is to share some of my experiences and discoveries as the game was played to the end.  Updates will be posted as circumstances allow, omitting specific sensitive information. One of the most ingenious requirements of this puzzle is that the game must be played on the locality grounds, following the cipher's directions to specific locations where artifacts (clues) will be found, leading to the vault.  For many reasons this is not the time to reveal the "locality of the vault." Promises made, promises kept.

NOTE: There is sufficient evidence to conclude that the "locality" had an on-site sentinel as late as the early 1940's.

On the left is the cover page of the original 23 page pamphlet. It is critical to work with the authentic, original  pamphlet.  Why?  Because many important clues are contained within the original printing that are not reflected in various reprints on the internet. 
To summarize: The Beale Papers took years to conceive and refine. They were meticulously devised and masterfully constructed into an ingenious treasure game/puzzle/map.  All of the Paper's components are integral to the solution.  It is a waste of time  trying to isolate and solve the ciphers within the parameters of traditional cryptography. That is why so many cryptography "gurus" have decided to label the Papers/ciphers a hoax...
Below is the first important clue, quoted from the author's  instructions on how to begin the decipherment process:
"... I arranged the papers (ciphers) in the order of their length, and numbered them, designing to commence with the first ..."  In other words they are to be arranged in this order: 1, 3, 2, beginning, end and middle.
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